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Committees and Taskforces

About APCO Committees

APCO committees examine key industry topics like homeland security, call center standards, and frequency coordination. Other committees help govern and operate the association itself. APCO's committees have been instrumental in helping to form policy, develop standards, and promote change in the field of public safety communications. Whatever your interest, there's a committee that welcomes your input.

Awards Committee

APCO International is honored to recognize, through the APCO Awards program, the great work performed every day by public safety communications staff. The Awards Committee needs your help in two ways.

First, help us identify those who have demonstrated the highest levels of personal and professional conduct and performance in the line of duty. Now is the time to share the pride you have in your co-workers, your agency, and our entire profession. Nominations for the Awards Program are accepted until March 31, 2019.  To submit a nomination, please visit

Second, if you would like to be a part of the committee that reads and scores the nominations, please sign up to volunteer on the Awards Committee - it is life-changing.

Historical Committee

John Steinbeck stated in The Grapes of Wrath, “How will we know it’s us without our past?”  What better quote could more accurately describe the mission of the Historical Committee. Our purpose is to assist chapters in defining, identifying and ensuring the preservation of national and local historical documents and/or memorabilia; to educate membership about our history; and to provide guidance for members to submit such items to the Online Virtual Museum. The Historical Committee is also an active part of the annual conference by participating in the APCO Pavilion through the display of our historical booth.

National and local historical artifacts tell a story about the enthusiasm and dedication of the people who have laid the foundation of our current organization. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that we are made by history and no truer words have ever been spoken. In fact, APCO International was formed over eight decades ago and has undergone a myriad of changes to become the largest public safety communications membership organization. The people, the technology, and the memorabilia all weave together to capture our excellence in service – and you, too, can play a part in this historic legacy. Your chapter does not need to have a historian in order to contribute to this rich history nor do you need to have any historian experience to be a member of the Historical Committee. We are a great volunteering opportunity where you can be part of history in the making.

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