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Communications Center Director of the Year

Sample Job Titles (Not all-inclusive)
Director, Assistant Director, Executive Director, Deputy Director, PSAP Manager, Communications Center Director/or Manager, Communications Administrator, Communications Chief, Public Safety Manager/or Director, etc.

Sample Responsibilities for Director of the Year Candidates:

  • Maintains appropriate contacts with the public, users and the media on the proper use of the emergency communications system.
  • Responsible for planning and directing the daily operations of the Communications Center.
  • Responsible for developing and monitoring the policies and procedures of the Communications Center.
  • Serves on advisory boards and other professional organizations and fosters the professionalism of the agency.
  • Maintains active liaisons with all participants, customers, emergency service providers and other departments and local, state and federal agencies relative to the operations of the Communications Center.
  • Prepares and submits an annual plan, including budget preparation and administration, program goals and Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Employs, schedules, counsels, disciplines, and evaluates the performance of Communications Center staff.
  • Performs a variety of functions as directed that could include accounts payable and employee payroll.