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Line Supervisor of the Year

Sample Job Titles(Not all-inclusive)
Dispatch Line Supervisor, Dispatch Supervisor, Dispatch Operations Shift Supervisor, Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher, Supervisor, Shift Manager/Supervisor, Communications Supervisor, Communications Shift Supervisor, Communications Center Supervisor, Line Supervisor, Operations Supervisor, Emergency Resource Supervisor, Telecommunications Supervisor, Senior Fire Communications Supervisor

Sample Responsibilities for Line Supervisor of the Year Candidates:

  • Plans, organizes, establishes objectives; resolves difficult and complex operational issues; participates in the administration of a Communications Center, and supervises one or more employees.
  • Is familiar with all operations and functions expected of subordinates and demonstrates that knowledge on a regular basis.
  • Monitors and evaluates staff performance for completeness, accuracy and compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Recognizes performance issues and takes appropriate measures to correct, or praise employees.
  • Is able to quickly prioritize and organize operational functions and makes appropriate decisions in stressful situations.
  • Recognizes and mitigates potential issues within, or affecting, the Communications Center and is able to diffuse tense situations.
  • Maintains a professional attitude at all times and ensures employees maintain the same.
  • Promotes a positive working relationship with subordinates as well as supervisors, coworkers, and other professional entities.