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Radio Frequency (RF) Technologist of the Year

Sample Job Titles (Not all inclusive)
Radio Frequency Director, Electronics Communications Technician, Telecommunications Engineer, Communications Technician Supervisor, Senior Communications Technician, Radio Lead Technician, Radio Technician, Technical Systems Administrator, etc.

Sample Responsibilities:

  • Manages the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment.
  • Knowledge of current NFPA code adoptions for public safety in-building radio systems.
  • Maintains knowledge of 800 Mhz, 900 MHz, and P25 radio communications systems and equipment
  • Possesses experience in UHF/VHF radios, repeaters, digital/analog microwave and an extensive network of mobile radios.
  • Demonstrates ability to work with many different user agencies.
  • Possesses ability to provide information to assist in grant writing for radio.
  • Prepares and maintains various records of maintenance and operation as required by the FCC including renewal of FCC licensing.
  • Installs and/or oversees the installation of radio site ground, antenna systems, security systems, carrier equipment (T1, DS3), emergency power generators, fuel systems, towers, transmission lines, and site alarm status reporting equipment.
  • Maintains current experience in state of the art electronic equipment repair, including bench repair and radio transmitting and receiving equipment.
  • Plans for infrastructure additions, site expansions and improvements as necessary to insure coverage and systems reliability.
  • Assist and receive training in analyzing, troubleshooting and maintaining the communications network and computer based systems to ensure inter-operability with other government agencies and offsite access in emergencies.
  • Develops and presents written and oral recommendations, budgets, and schedules for upgrading existing systems.