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Telecommunicator of the Year

Sample Job Titles (Not all-inclusive)
Call Taker, Dispatcher, Emergency Communications Operator, Public Safety Dispatcher, Telecommunicator, etc.

Sample Responsibilities for Telecommunicator of the Year Candidates:

  • Functions as a frontline dispatcher or call taker for police, fire, and/or EMS agencies.
  • Operates telecommunications equipment to receive emergency and non-emergency phone calls.
  • Operates radio equipment to dispatch, monitor and communicate wtih first responders
  • Ability to prioritize multiple calls for dispatch to determine type and level of response necessary.
  • Ability to work through periods of high call volumes and priority incidents without sacrifice to decisions and quality of work.Ability to obtain, prioritize and relay information from a caller to a dispatcher via CAD or manual systems. dispatch cards. Consistently thinks clearly and responds quickly to a wide variety of emergency situations.
  • Calms, negotiates, advises and otherwise communicates with callers to obtain accurate and essential information necessary to establish priority and initiate a timely response to emergency calls.
  • Operates all required computer and telephone system with essential peripherals and program applications efficiently.
  • Assists other employees as necessary when not occupied with primary call answering/dispatch responsibilities.
  • Maintains appropriate security and confidentiality of information created, encountered or requested (i.e. cellular traces) in the performance of assigned duties.
  • Coordinates with outside agencies to gather information, make referrals, or dispatch assistance (mutual aid).
  • Works in a coordinated team manner; functions in a collaborative manner with co-workers to ensure a successful outcome.