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Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to those personnel who staff, manage, design, construct, install, command or operate a public safety communications center and supporting information systems. Applicants must be an employee, retiree, volunteer, or a contractor of a governmental entity providing the described services.

Learn more about the benefits of APCO public safety practitioner membership.

Individual Membership Types

There are different types of individual membership allowing you to choose which best fits your needs. Public sector employees may select from Full or Associate member categories, based on their individual needs.

  • Full Member
    $96 / $125*
    Individuals who are employed by or retired from a government entity or a contractor of a government entity and are responsible for the management, design, construction, installation, command, and operation of public safety communications systems and supporting information systems. Includes voting privileges.
    *For residents of California, Louisiana or Oregon
  • Associate Member
    Individuals who perform non-administrative and/or non-supervisory functions within their agency. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

Membership Pro-Rated Schedule

Invoices are sent at the full applicable rate for each individual becoming a new member during January through March. Individuals applying for membership from April through September will be invoiced at the full applicable rate, but the following calendar year's dues will be pro-rated and credit given for the months of the second year that were previously paid by the member's first year's dues. New members joining from October through December will not be invoiced for that calendar year.

Renew Your APCO Membership

Current members can renew their membership online.