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Government Relations

APCO’s Government Relations Office (GRO) works to assert APCO’s leadership role in public safety communications.

GRO establishes and maintains relationships with Congress, federal agencies, the Administration, industry leaders, and national public safety and governmental organizations to advocate for the policies, regulations, and legislation of most importance to APCO members.

TAKE ACTION - Support $15 Billion for NG9-1-1

APCO is launching a grassroots advocacy campaign and needs your support. A major infrastructure proposal - the LIFT America Act - has been introduced in Congress that includes $15 billion to support the deployment of Next Generation 9-1-1 throughout the country. The NG9-1-1 provisions adhere to principles established by APCO and its partners in the Public Safety Next Generation 9-1-1 Coalition, a broad group of national public safety organizations representing law enforcement, fire, EMS and 9-1-1.


Use APCO’s advocacy portal to send a letter asking for support to get this bill through the U.S. House of Representatives, and please share the link widely with colleagues:

For more information about the legislative proposal and Coalition, watch the video below:

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