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APCO Policy for Use of Social Media

Use of Social Media
APCO’s social media is closely tied to its mission, making it critical that the use of social media properly reflects the Association’s policy views and values at all times. Therefore, APCO-related social media channels and the use of the APCO International name or trademark therein shall be regulated by the executive director.

The Association also strives to consolidate its social media presence for consistency and impact. Social media is coordinated by the Marketing & Communications (MarComm) department, including use of social media by departments, committees, councils, working groups or other related entities of the Association. Before initiating any social media initiative or project, authorization must be secured by the executive director. With rapid response to alleged abuses being essential, designated MarComm staff shall have access through logins at all times. The executive director or designee reserves the right to alter or remove any postings at its sole discretion.

The executive director also reserves the right to deny access by any party for any reason to APCO’s social media channels. Participants on any APCO site and its various social media channels who misuse information and communication services may be temporarily suspended or permanently removed from any and all online communities or channels. Those who knowingly violate the terms of use and other applicable policies and practices could face expulsion from membership or legal action.

Use of Intellectual Property
APCO International protects its own intellectual property and respects the intellectual property of others. The Association will not intentionally use copyrighted material without permission or use others’ company or business name, logo or other trademark-protected materials in a manner that may mislead or confuse others with regard to the company’s brand or business affiliation. The Association also expects participants on our social media sites to display the same respect for the intellectual property of the Association and others. APCO International is legally bound to promptly remove or block access to material upon proper notice being provided of alleged copyright or trademark infringement.

All APCO International logos are protected intellectual property. Requests for use of APCO logos or related marks must be made in advance in writing no later than fourteen (14) days prior to their intended use. Final approval or rejection will be based on compliance with the Logo Standards and Style Guide and whether, in the sole discretion of APCO International, the intended use is acceptable and accurately depicts the entity’s relationship with the Association.

If approved, use of the name or logo is for the limited purpose specified under the intended use and is non-transferable.

Unauthorized use or modification of these marks without the prior written approval of the executive director, on behalf of APCO International, constitutes infringement. Violators may be asked to make necessary corrections or to cease use of the marks immediately. Such violations by member entities may, among other penalties, result in charter cancellation or expulsion from membership. Failure to comply or to cease use of the mark upon request may result in the association taking legal action at its sole discretion to protect its brand image.