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Public Information About 9-1-1

Every day across this nation, thousands of people just like you seek immediate assistance in times of crisis by calling 9-1-1.

APCO International represents the thousands of very real people who answer those calls, every hour of every day. Our members are the people who are asking you questions, dispatching the emergency help you need, staying on the phone with you while you await the arrival of help and, often, we are the voice on the phone than tells you how to open your friend's airway so you can do CPR or how to control the severe bleeding from that cut to the head.

The following links and resources can teach you more about 9-1-1 and help us help you when the seconds are flashing by.

This is a joint venture between the Illinois Chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International (IL-APCO) and the Illinois Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (I-NENA) whose goal is to communicate with people of all ages on the most effective use of calling 9-1-1 in any emergency situation. The group provides resources for teachers, parents, seniors and youth as well as information on:

King County Enhanced 9-1-1 Program Office
The website for this office that administers the regional emergency 9-1-1 telephone system in King County, Washington, includes information about the basics of calling 9-1-1, 9-1-1 and wireless phones, and 9-1-1 and VoIP phones.

Specifically for children:

9-1-1 for Kids®
This emergency caller training program was created by 9-1-1 communication center officials, and emergency medical, fire and law enforcement professionals to help reduce the alarmingly high numbers of non-emergency calls made to 9-1-1. The site offers videos, games and lesson plans.

Cell Phone Sally Videos
The 9-1-1 Public Educators of Texas and the Commission on State Emergency Communications offer a children's 9-1-1 educational video starring Cell Phone Sally and a cast of friends.