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APCO Consulting Services (ACS)

ACS Pre-Consolidation Services


The goal of ACS Pre-Consolidation Services is to provide public safety communications managers and their executive leadership considering consolidation with a review, evaluation and analysis of their current operations and advice on the issues surrounding effective and efficient consolidation operations options.

The ACS team is comprised of experienced public safety communications officials who have successfully managed consolidations. The team will review crucial considerations to address and elements to include in requests for proposals, while providing recommendations focused on questions and issues that may arise as part of a community's proposed consolidation process. A detailed presentation that covers eight topic areas will be conducted (see scope of work).


ACS provides a "peer-to-peer" review leading to some initial resource recommendations. The insights from the review are designed to assist in the decision process prior to potential consolidation and will provide insights for obtaining professional consultant services focusing on consolidation.


Once a review request is received, ACS will work with the agency to refine and delineate the parameters of the review effort and create an agency-specific scope of work. Examples of areas to be included in a scope of work include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Review of all relevant documentation related to existing PSAPs and any documents related to the proposed consolidation
  • Review current capital improvement plans
  • Review all developed short-range and long-range plans regarding proposed consolidation
  • Interview management of all involved agencies to determine short and long-range goals not addressed in an official plan


  • Review proposed governance structure
  • Review process for reporting/communications procedures between agency and oversight body
  • Review potential user group (field agencies) involvement in governance process

Policies and Procedures

  • Review all policies and procedures from involved agencies for potential synergy/conflict
  • Review terminology and codes for consistency
  • Review level of uniformity of service delivery to supporting agencies
  • Review current chain-of-command for all involved agencies and proposed chain-of-command for consolidated agency for synergy/conflict


  • Review of all relevant documentation related to operations of existing PSAPs and any documents related to operations post-consolidation
  • Interview supervisory staff of all involved agencies to obtain overview of day-to-day operations
  • Review scheduling/staffing options and potential efficiency considerations
  • Review operational support technology for potential interoperability/conflict


  • Review existing/proposed facilities
  • Evaluate existing/proposed equipment for standards compliance and redundancy
  • Interview staff concerning proposed center layout and workstation environment

Recruitment and Hiring

  • Review and evaluate current and proposed staffing levels as compared to national standards and recognized staffing formulas to determine adequate personnel needs
  • Review proposed salary plan
  • Review proposed testing, interview process and selection criteria

Training Program

  • Review and evaluate current training programs
  • Interview training officer and/or staff primarily responsible for training in all involved agencies regarding current programs and suggestions for development of training for proposed agency

Radio System/Frequency Management

  • Review of existing radio frequencies to ensure compliance with FCC regulations, determine/prevent the potential for interference and determine any need for additional support, frequencies or technology
  • Review radio communications system
  • Review regional systems and interoperability


Once all documentation is completed, the ACS Team will visit the agency and will focus their efforts on those areas requested for review, and meet and interview agency personnel and field agency representatives as needed.


The final report combines the team’s observations, findings and recommendations and will include:

  • An overview of the operations reviewed, based on the scope of work
  • Supporting documentation, references or resources to assist in changing or modifying operating procedures as needed
  • A guideline for improvement and, if requested, a "First Steps Timeline" for implementation
  • A contact list of subject matter experts and resource material for further assistance

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