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APCO Consulting Services (ACS)

ACS Review Services

ACS review services are customized to fit the needs of the agency and provide comprehensive review that is vendor, equipment and operational neutral.  Let APCO ACS assist your agency in meeting the needs of citizens in your community and the emergency responders that rely on communication center services.  ACS can assist agencies in analyzing their operations from the receipt of the telephone call for service to the radio network that is used to dispatch emergency responders.

APCO ACS reviewer ranks are filled with public safety professionals who are members of APCO and who have managed and supervised communications centers and PSAP’s throughout the United States.  The dedicated reviewer cadre of members is led by APCO staff members who have had extensive experience in operating in local, state and federal venues.  The reviewer ranks are drawn from individuals with small, medium and large communications center knowledge, who can provide insightful contributions based upon past practices, current thinking and future visions.

ACS recognizes the relationships between 9-1-1 Communications Centers and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).  Utilizing ACS reviewers to develop the best practices for relationships between PSAP and EOC’s will provide professional, real world expertise that can assist management in shaping their operations to obtain the most cost effective, customer  focused services possible.

ACS review services include:
  • Facility Reviews and Alternatives
  • Governance and Oversight
  • Interoperable Radio Systems
  • Next Generation 9-1-1
  • Operation and Business Process
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Preparation for CALEA certification or accreditation
  • Staffing Analysis and Solutions
  • Systems Integration and Design Criteria
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Training System and Delivery Methods

Scope of Work examples:

  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Training Program
  • Radio System/Frequency Management

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