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Project 43: Broadband Implications for the PSAP

Acknowledgements: Project 43 Contributors

APCO sincerely thanks the following individuals who were members or leaders of the P43 working groups or otherwise contributed to this report. By sharing the benefit of their time, collaboration, experience, expertise and dedication, each played a helpful role in formulating the content of this report, which required true vision to forecast the impacts of broadband technology. Without their collective input, this report would not have been possible.

Project Chair
Steven Proctor


Mindy Conner Adams, RPL*
Cory L Ahrens
Scott C Andrews
Dominick V Arcuri
Tami M Atkinson
Sandra Barfield
Gary A Bell, ENP
Cheryl Bledsoe
Angela R Bowen, RPL, CPE
Katie Braverman
Eddie Burchell
Kimberly Burdick, RPL, CPE
Michael Byrd
Kim Coleman Madsen
Mike Corbett
Jackie L Crotts
D Jeremy DeMar, RPL
Antonio DeSimone
Tony A Dolezal
William E Duggan, RPL, CPE
Gabe Elias
Jay English
Chris A Fischer*
Charlene A Fisk, RPL
Charlynn F Flaherty
Cheryl S Giggetts, PMP
Tammy L Goggia, ENP
Kevin J Harris
Vahram Havandjian
Peter J Howard
Vihang Jani
Brent Jensen
Jonathan L Jones
Frank J Kiernan, III
James Leyerle
Bob Little
Timothy J Lorello
Barry H Luke
Walt Magnussen
Fred McAnn
Tim McKee
Donald W Miller
Kristen Molander
Donald M Naccarato
Christine Pantoja-Young
Nicole Parrish
Steven Proctor
Eddie L Reyes*
Randy J Richmond
Dave Ripley
Doug Roberts, PhD
Harry Fritz Rote, III
Robert L Smith
Bradford S Smith
Steve Souder*
James T Soukup
Chuck Spalding
Mark Spross
Matthew J Stillwell, RPL
Matt Tooley, ENP
Joe Treglia
Steve Usher
Debbie Vance
Renee Vande Voort
Maureen A Will, RPL
Stephen C Williams*
Stephen J Wisely
Patrick J Woods

*Working Group Chairs

Staff Liaisons

Megan Bixler
Mark Cannon, CAE, CPE
Jeff Cohen
Lauren Corcoran
Stacy Hall
Kathy Lawrence
Steve Leese
Crystal McDuffie, RPL
Derek Poarch
Mark Reddish
Nicole Zimbelman