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Unified CAD Project

UCAD Functional Requirements

The Unified CAD Functional Requirements document identifies a comprehensive and unified list of functional requirements for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems. The Unified CAD Functional Requirements (UCADFR) may be used by public safety communications centers to assist with the Request for Proposal (RFP) process when a need exists to a conduct a solicitation for a new CAD system or an upgrade to an existing CAD system.

In response to the issues identified by the 2009 Public Safety Data Interoperability (PSDI) Project deliverable entitled “Revision Assessment for the Incorporation of Fire and EMS Functions into the Law Enforcement CAD Functional Specifications”, the IJIS Institute and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO), on behalf of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, launched the Unified CAD (UCAD) Project in 2010. The UCAD Project was formed, in part, to create the Unified CAD Functional Requirements document—a detailed, comprehensive, and unified set of functional requirements for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). The UCADFR identifies and describes over 130 CAD functions in 11 different topic areas.

APCO is currently working with this initial UCADFR document to create the first Unified CAD Standard for North America. The UCAD standard will be an invaluable resource to the Public Safety community by supporting the planning, acquisition, and management of full-featured CAD software applications and promoting interoperability at levels previously never experienced.