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Licensing Service

Full service FCC licensing for public safety.

Licensing Service and Fee List 

Before an application for a license can be coordinated, it needs to be filled out completely and accurately. Don't let the FCC Form 601 intimidate you. APCO can assist you with your licensing needs.

The APCO Licensing Service offers full-service licensing preparation with staff experienced in application preparation and processing, FCC Universal Licensing policies and procedures, FCC licensing, knowledge of FCC Rules and Regulations, and the coordination process.

The fees charged by the APCO Licensing Service are for the preparation of an application for licensing and DO NOT include the coordination fees charged by frequency coordinators. Get the Fee List.

Licensing Service Worksheet

Need to file a modification or request a new FCC license? APCO-AFC now offers a user-friendly licensing service worksheet online that is easy to navigate and provides many benefits. The worksheet makes it easy and convenient to submit the required information for a new station license or license modification. To assist you with filling out the form, we offer tips for each section and our licensing specialist is available to walk you through the entire process. Once the worksheet is submitted to APCO-AFC, we receive immediate notification and begin processing your application right away. Access the online worksheet.

Prefer to fill out a PDF version? Complete and email the this PDF worksheet to

Please contact the AFC licensing department by email or at 386-322-2500 with any questions.

Procedures for Antenna Structure Registrations (ASR)

The FCC has drastically changed their procedures for completing an Antenna Structure Registration (ASR). Previous procedures assigned an ASR number immediately after the registration was submitted on-line. That is no longer the case.

Now it’s a two-step process that includes notifications. First, you will need to go through an Environmental Notification Process, which will include posting the tower information in your local newspaper. There is specific information that needs to be included with your newspaper notice. Please refer to the link below for the FCC’s article with guidelines for posting in the newspaper. Once you have placed the notice in the newspaper, that date would need to be entered on to the FCC Form 854 before submitting to the FCC. Once the 854 form is submitted with the Local Notification Date, the FCC will provide national notice on their web site. If no objections are received and the FCC determines that further environmental processing is not required, the FCC will continue to process the application. On the 41st day after the Local Notice Date (newspaper posting), Part 2 needs to be done. The application will be listed as “Ready for Certification” when the application can be completed, and an ASR number can be assigned.

Environmental Notification Process for the Registration of Antenna Structures – OVERVIEW

Environmental Notification Process for the Registration of Antenna Structures – Local and National Notice

Attached are some further guidelines for filing the two-part ASR application with the FCC and the FCC’s Public Notice DA 14-1846 for your information.

You can file the Antenna Structure Registration on the FCC ULS system yourself. If you’d rather, the APCO Licensing Service can prepare and submit the Antenna Structure Registration for you. Contact the AFC licensing department by email or at (386) 322-2500 for more information on the information needed to process the application and the fees associated with this service.

Services Included with New Station Application or Modification of a License

The APCO Licensing Service now includes the following with your application for a new station license or modification of a license

  • Wideband Removal
    The FCC’s Narrowbanding mandate deadline date was January 1, 2013.  Unless your agency has a current FCC approved waiver to operate on wideband emissions below 470 MHz, your license must show narrowband emission designators. If your license currently shows wideband emission designators, APCO can remove the wideband emission designator and add the narrowband equivalent so that you are in compliance with the narrowbanding mandate.  This service is included with your application if the APCO Licensing Service prepares your FCC Form 601 for a modification.
  • Administrative Updates
    Updates such as changes to the mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, contact information, and Control Point information is also included with modifications of licenses when prepared by the APCO Licensing Service.

Feel free to contact our licensing section for more information. We will be happy to assist you.

AFC Licensing Department
(386) 322-2500

  • APCO also has an experienced full-time engineering staff available for your needs at competitive pricing. Applications are processed electronically through preparation and coordination and are also filed with the FCC electronically, which speeds up the process.

    Your FCC issued Call Sign is your official license to operate a land mobile radio system. AFC's License Management can help maintain your licenses to avoid possible costly mistakes. Let us monitor all of your licenses so you don’t have to!