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Licensing Service

Licensing Services Forms

These forms can be submitted online:

  • Renewal Request Form
    The Federal Communications Commission will allow a licensee to renew their license within 90 days of the expiration date. If your license has not yet expired and is within 90 days of the expiration date, you can complete this interactive form and submit it to APCO. APCO can prepare your renewal and submit it to the FCC for you.
  • Request for Buildout Notification
    The Federal Communications Commission allows a licensee one year from the date of grant of frequencies/sites to submit a notification (Schedule K) that the frequencies/sites are fully constructed and operational. If your license shows a “Construct Deadline Date”, your agency must notify the FCC by that "Construct Deadline Date." To have APCO Licensing Service prepare and submit your notification, fill out this interactive form and submit to APCO.
  • Termination Pending Pleading
    If your agency did not submit a buildout notification to the Federal Communications Commission by the deadline shown on the license, the FCC will eventually send your agency a notice that the license, or part of the license, has been placed in a Termination Pending status. The notification will state that your agency has 30 days from the date of the notice to submit a pleading to the FCC to return the license to active status. If a pleading is not submitted to the FCC, the license will be cancelled. To have APCO submit a pleading to the FCC for your agency, complete this form, attach the letter for the FCC, and submit to APCO.
  • Licensing Service Worksheet
    Need to file a modification to your FCC license? APCO-AFC now offers a user-friendly licensing service worksheet online. Our worksheet is easy to navigate and provides many benefits. The worksheet makes it easy and convenient to submit the required information needed for a new station license or license modification. To assist with filling out the form, we offer tips for each section and our licensing specialist is available to walk you through the entire process. Once submitted to APCO-AFC, we receive immediate notification and begin processing your application right away. Please click the link above to access the online worksheet.

For questions regarding online forms, please contact the AFC licensing department by email or at 386-322-2500.