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Request for Buildout Notification

The Federal Communications Commission typically allows a licensee one year from the date of grant of frequencies/sites to submit a notification (Schedule K) that the frequencies/sites are fully constructed and operational. If your license shows a “Construct Deadline Date”, your agency must notify the FCC by that date. If you would like to have the APCO Licensing Service prepare and submit your notification, please fill out the following interactive form and submit to APCO.

If the buildout deadline has passed, but is within 15 days, the licensee can fill out the form below; however, your agency will need to attach a waiver letter for the FCC. The letter for the FCC must be on agency letterhead, dated and signed. Address the letter to the Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554. The subject should include the licensee name, state, call sign and “Waiver Request”. The content of the letter must include the following:

  • A statement that your agency is requesting a waiver per FCC rule 1.946(d)
  • The reason why the notification was not submitted by the Construct Deadline Date
  • How the system is used and for what purpose
  • The date the frequencies/sites were fully operational (The date cannot be before the “first use (grant)” date, and cannot be after the buildout deadline date.)

The fee for the APCO Licensing Service to prepare and submit the buildout notification to the FCC can be found in our Licensing Fee Schedule. If your agency requires a fee quote, please enter your information in the comments field below.

Request for Buildout Notification

  • If you need to provide more dates, please use the comments field below.