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Project 25

P25 Support Procedure

In the event an agency using P25 equipment identifies a product that it suspects does not conform to the P25 Standards, or identifies an interoperability issue between manufacturers for functionality covered by published standards, the agency should document the suspected product or system issue and contact the P25 equipment provider(s) for resolution of the problem. This allows the provider(s) to investigate the problem and resolve possible product, system implementation or configuration errors.

If the problem is determined by the P25 equipment provider(s) to be an issue with the P25 standard, then the equipment provider(s) and agency should submit the issue for investigation by TIA-TR8.25 Compliance Assessment Engineering Sub-Committee. The leadership contacts for this sub-committee can be found on the TIA-TR8 website. Once on that TIA-TR8 webpage, please find the pull-down window labeled ‘Learn More About Other Subcommittees, Working Groups and Ad Hocs’. Select ‘TR-8.25 Compliance Assessment’ to then see the description of this committee and the leadership contacts. Please forward a complete description of the P25 Standards-related issue to the committee leadership by email. Email addresses are provided by selecting the leadership contact name.