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Spectrum Management Resources

Four steps to a successful license.

1– RF Engineering

AFC has a wide array of RF engineering capabilities. If you have a need for specific assistance, please contact AFC directly for detailed information.

Services include review searches for a single frequency or a range of frequencies within any given band frequencies based on location and distance for land mobile radio. Our search databases include regularly updated FCC granted licenses as well as all applications in progress. Our search engine is unique allowing quick and accurate listings of co-channel and adjacent channel information with easy to read output.

AFC is also capable of producing advanced RF coverage and interference plots. Our RF engineering tools are integrated with our search engine to assure fast and accurate reports.

APCO has a fully qualified engineering staff and is experienced in frequency coordination and interpreting FCC Rules and Regulations. We offer prompt and courteous service at competitive rates.

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2 - License Preparation

With the onset of ULS and “all-electronic” application submission, the requirement for preparing accurate, quality applications for coordination has increased dramatically. Coordinators are forced to tighten up their policies on applications just as has the FCC. Errors and omissions on an application will end in delays and may even be subject to automatic returns from the coordinator.

AFC employs its own computerized and integrated Form 601 system and process to ensure accuracy and speed. APCO has developed and implemented its own system, assuring direct control of the application from data entry to electronic transfer to the FCC.

AFC is the only coordinator to use entirely internal resources to process applications. Using AFC to help prepare your applications assures a compatible and quality product for submission to coordination.

Attention to preparation detail will ensure faster coordination.

The APCO Licensing Service offers full-service licensing with a staff experienced in application preparation and processing, FCC ULS policies and procedures, FCC licensing, knowledge of FCC Rules and Regulations, and the coordination process. Applications are handled electronically from preparation through coordination and are filed directly with the FCC electronically providing fast and accurate service.

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3 – Coordination

Before an application for a radio license can be granted, or even accepted for review by the FCC, the application must obtain certification from an FCC designated frequency coordinator for your radio service.

AFC is your leading FCC certified public safety services frequency coordinator with a full time staff of 18 dedicated professionals and over 50 APCO member volunteers at the local level dedicated to public safety frequency coordination.

When its time to apply for an FCC public safety two-way radio license, modify your existing radio system, add frequencies, its time to contact AFC.

AFC’s modern highly automated frequency coordination process and knowledgeable staff will speed you along the road to obtaining your FCC license. AFC is unique in that it provides its own direct pipeline to the ULS system. APCO does not use any third party outsourced provider to deliver applications, which allows a much higher degree of control.

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4 - License Management

Your FCC issued Call Sign is your official license to operate a land mobile radio system. An FCC license is a dynamic instrument that includes periodic time sensitive evolution in order to maintain its good standing and your authority to continue operations on your radio system. AFC’s License Management process provides peace of mind by:

  • Reviewing your call sign to ensure its current good standing basis, and
  • Ensure future FCC changes and time sensitive requirements are adhered to and supported.

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