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TIN Registration With the FCC

If you have not registered your Taxpayer Identification Number with the Federal Communications Commission, please read this important information:

FCC records show more than 56,000 public safety licensees who have not registered their TINs (Taxpayer Identification Numbers)! Failure to register your TIN will result in the delay of renewals, minor modifications and processing of major modifications and new applications, which could result in the loss of licenses (frequencies). This could be devastating to public safety agencies, with the current shortage of available spectrum. APCO urges public safety licensees to register their TINs immediately to avoid recoordination of frequencies or having to change out equipment, which can be costly and timely.

Under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, the FCC is required to collect Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) information to correlate its licensees with any outstanding debts owed to the federal government. Please follow the instructions below to associate your TIN with each of your wireless call signs. Failure to register may result in processing delays for your future license applications.

TIN's are 9-digit identifiers all individuals and employers are required to have to identify their tax accounts. Individuals use their social security number as their TIN. Employers use their Employer Identification Number (EIN), sometimes referred to as a Federal Identification Number (FIN), as their TIN. The IRS issues EINs to all employers whether or not they pay taxes. This includes corporations, sole proprietors, partnerships, state/local government agencies, limited liability companies, non-profit organizations and federal government/military agencies. Each employer or individual has one TIN that uniquely identifies him/her.

The following information from the Commission's Public Notice, dated Nov. 4, 1997, describes how to register your TIN and associated call signs. You may register electronically at or manually by filing a paper copy of the FCC PA 17325-7245. Electronic filers have the option of uploading a file that contains all of their call signs. If you have more than 100 call signs to register, you must use the file upload option. To make the TIN registration process as efficient as possible, the FCC urges all applicants and licensees to register their TINs electronically.

Please note you must register all of your call signs, regardless of service, at the same time. Once registered, you may update your TIN registration records or add and delete call signs. When updating, if you use the file upload option, the uploaded file must contain all previously submitted call signs, plus any additional call signs. For example, XYZ currently holds 20 PCS licenses and 10 microwave licenses. If XYZ registers only its PCS call signs in January 1998, then, using the file upload option, attempts to register its 10 microwave call signs in February 1998, all 30 calls signs must be uploaded at that time.

To complete your registration, you must provide a single point of contact for your TIN. Each of your licenses will continue to have its own point of contact.

General information may be obtained by calling the FCC's National Call Center at 1-888-CALL-FCC (225-5322).

Reference: The Federal Communications Commission Public Notice dated Nov. 4, 1997: Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Universal Licensing System Registration Now Available

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) is in the process of implementing a Universal Licensing System (ULS) for all wireless services. For more information, visit the ULS home page at The first step in implementing this system is for existing wireless licensees to register their Taxpayer Identification Number and associated call signs. In order to be in compliance with the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, the FCC must collect TIN information to correlate its licensees with any outstanding federal debt that they might have incurred in other dealings with the federal government. Taxpayer Identification Numbers will not be available to the public. However, this information may be released to the U.S. Treasury Department for debt collection purposes.

The WTB has received approval from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB Control Number 3060-0795) to require existing licensees to register their Taxpayer Identification Numbers to begin populating the Universal Licensing System. Using the Taxpayer Identification Number and list of associated call signs, the ULS will assign a unique sequential number to each licensee. After registration and implementation, the ULS will be able to process administrative changes to licensee records in a more streamline and simplified manner.

To submit this information electronically, go to and choose "Register." To file manually, obtain a TIN registration form, FCC Form 606, from the FCC's fax-on-demand system by calling (202) 418-0177 from the handset of a fax machine, or by calling the FCC's Forms Distribution Center at (800) 418-3676.

For technical assistance, please contact the FCC Technical Support Group at (877) 480-3201.