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As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Standards Developer (ASD), APCO International is dedicated to ensuring public safety communications has a role in the development of standards that affect our industry. APCO’s standards development activities have a broad scope, ranging from the actual development of standards to the representation of public safety communications in other standards development areas.

Participate in APCO Standards Development

Join a Working Group

Whenever a new standards project is initiated, APCO will form a working group to write a new standard or revise an existing standard. Working groups consist of volunteer subject matter experts who will work together to produce an ANSI accredited standard related to public safety communications.  It is not a requirement to be an APCO member to participate in developing APCO ANSI accredited standards.  Anyone interested in participating in a working group may check this link for calls for participation: Working Group Sign Up.  APCO will also issue a press release when a call for participation is initiated so stay connected!

Join the Standards Development Committee or a Subcommittee

You may apply to be part of the Standards Development Committee or a Standards Development Subcommittee.  Participation is based on the need for particular interest categories, which are users of public safety equipment and processes, producers of public safety equipment and processes, and those who have a general interest in public safety standards, such as academia, consultants, and other governmental agencies. When vacancies occur on the Standards Development Committee or a Standards Development Subcommittee, APCO will issue a press release and call for participation.

Review and Comment

As an ANSI requirement, involvement in APCO Standards Development is open to anyone.  One way to participate is to review and comment on future standards during the public review process.  During this 45-day period, comments on proposed standards are received from any interested person.  All comments are considered by the standards working group.  Standards requiring review and comment can be found on the APCO Call to Action web page. APCO will issue a press release when standards are ready for review and comment.

For more information on APCO International’s standards development activities contact the Comm Center & 9-1-1 Services Department staff at or call (571)-289-7402.