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How to Assist With Standards Development

Contribute your skills to APCO's standards development efforts.

Getting involved in the APCO Standards Development process is an excellent way to take your professional game to the next level and contribute to producing standards for public safety communications. It may seem intimidating but it is not. It is fun to meet people from across the country who all share common interests and goals in public safety communications. Not only will you be contributing your knowledge and experience to the standard but you will learn a lot from your peers during the process. You do not need to be an expert to participate, you just need to be willing to contribute and use your skills to accomplish a common goal.

There are two ways to join the APCO standards development team:

Join a Standards Development Committee

Join a Working Group

This group conducted an occupational analysis for the ECC director/manager position.  The SDC Occupational Analysis Subcommittee executes this process whenever we plan to write or revise a standard that involves a position within the ECC (e.g. director/manager, supervisor, PST, CTO, technician, etc.). They use this process to determine the skills, knowledge, traits, job titles, and job description associated with the position.
From left to right: Lani Dzicek Facilitator (SDC Occupational Analysis Subcommittee); Michael Folia Police Communications Manager, Avondale Police Dept; Karen Sutherland Communications Operation Manager, Scottsdale Police; Michelle DeVault Communications Manager, Oro Valley Police; Felicia Austin Fire Communications Supervisor, Phoenix Fire; Heather Pyeatt-Morris 911 Emergency Dispatch, Supervisor City of Yuma Public Safety Communications; Deanna MacLeod Communications Center Manager, Kingman Fire; Chris Perry Facilitator (SDC Occupational Analysis Subcommittee).