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Crisis Negotiations for Telecommunicators

Available online and in the APCO Virtual Classroom format!

Crisis situations differ from the daily emergencies that today’s public safety telecommunicators handle. Hostage situations, barricaded subject incidents and suicidal callers, among others, require an advanced level of training for the telecommunicator to handle them successfully. This course will build on the knowledge, skills and abilities inherent in basic telecommunicator training programs to educate the public safety communications professional on the most effective way to receive and process calls involving crisis situations and to ensure they fulfill their role as a vital component of the overall public safety response.


  • Overview of a Crisis Situation
  • Hostage Situations
  • Suicidal Subject Situations
  • Suicide by Cop
  • Crisis Negotiation Tools for the Telecommunicator
  • Skills and Characteristics of a Successful Telecommunicator Negotiator
  • Crisis Related Stress Management

CDEs Earned: 8


Students should have successfully completed a formal basic instructor-led telecommunicator training program.



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