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Disaster Operations and the Communications Center

The importance of educating today’s public safety communications professional about their role and the role of the communications center in disaster operations is greater than ever before. There is a defined role for public safety communications in every element of disaster response and recovery. As public safety’s ability and need to address disaster situations evolves, the telecommunicator needs to be familiar with all types of disasters— man-made and natural—and how those events can impact the communications function.

This course is designed to educate the public safety telecommunicator on a wide range of man-made and natural disasters, their effects on the community and its infrastructure and the response and recovery needs of each. In addition, this course will provide telecommunicators with information on overall emergency management and homeland security and provide guidance on continuity of operations for the communications center in the face of a multitude of disaster situations.


  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunamis
  • Hurricanes
  • Cyber-Terrorism
  • Agroterrorism
  • Weather-related Disasters
  • Incident Management Tools and Resources
  • Continuity of Operations Planning for the Comm Center

CDEs Earned: 8


It is recommended that students should have successfully completed a formal, basic, instructor-led 40-hour telecommunicator course.



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