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Public Safety Communications Staffing and Employee Retention

In 2009, APCO Project RETAINS announced that research had proven turnover rates for comm centers in the U.S. were at 19%. That was an increase of 3% since 2005 and still reflected a higher turnover rate than the teaching and nursing industries—both highly publicized staffing crises. It is common knowledge that the public safety communications industry has suffered from an inability to effectively recruit and retain employees. This in turn has required comm center across the country to invest millions of dollars in a vicious cycle of continuous recruitment, training new hires and overtime that merely addresses the symptoms of this issue and not the core problem. This course is designed to provide guidance and information to comm center employees at every level, by providing over 300 tips, guidelines and effective practices on subjects ranging from creating effective shift schedules to candidate recruitment and from maintaining staff to employee recognition.


  • Effective Recruitment of Candidates
  • The Impact of Training on Staffing and Retention
  • Retaining Effective Employees
  • Policy and Procedure Guidance

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