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Illuminations CDE Programs

CTO Illuminations

The CTO Illuminations Program provides at-your-desk continuing education for agency CTOs, trainers and other interested individuals. The program is offered as an annual subscription-based service and includes four online courses per year – taught quarterly by APCO Institute adjunct instructors. Courses delve into topics of specific interest to CTOs and others with training responsibilities. They can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. Topic selections change each year.

A new course begins every three months and must be completed within 90 days, prior to the beginning of the next course. Participants earn three CDEs for each course, for a total of 12 CDEs per subscription year. Participants must submit copies of CTO Illuminations certificates of completion to the Institute to receive CDEs.

APCO also offers General Illuminations and EMD Illuminations, each of which features a different series of topics.

CTO Illuminations for 2021

Topics are subject to change.

3rd Quarter
It Is Okay to Teach Differently
Because adults have different learning styles, it is appropriate for CTOs to use various instructional styles if the instruction meets the learning goal. This session offers methods to identify your trainee's learning style and ways to deliver education to meet their needs best.
4th Quarter
Troubleshooting Trainee Learning
There are times when the trainee's performance is not what the CTO expects. That is when troubleshooting and innovation take over. This session will cover some common challenges that occur when trainees are not performing to expectations, as well as innovative solutions to these age-old problems.

CTO Illuminations for 2022

Topics are subject to change.

1st Quarter
Identifying Common Errors to Prevent Adverse Outcomes
This session will investigate seven common mistakes made by PSTs the CTO must be alert to and train to prevent. These mistakes include common errors such as mis-keying and misunderstanding locations. The CTO must also look for follow-up and due diligence, loss of composure, making assumptions, succumbing to distractions. The CTO should make additional effort to prepare against not asking for or relaying information and a lack of communication.
2nd Quarter
Facts Not Opinions
Documentation must always include just the facts about the trainee’s performance. Accurate and concise written documentation must coincide with DOR ratings and must be statements of fact, not what should be accomplished or might be accomplished. Objective, action-related documentation is practiced during this session. Documenting actions by the CTO to help the trainee improve are also reviewed.
Third Quarter
Are You Really Watching?
When training, the CTO performs as a limited supervisor, a role that holds vicarious liability for the actions or inactions of the trainee. It is easy to take your eye off the ball for a few minutes during the shift, and those few minutes can change your career. During this session you will explore situations in which the CTO may become distracted, and what the possible consequences may be of doing so.
4th Quarter
NRT (Not Responding to Training)
Sometimes no matter how much training we provide, the trainee cannot perform to standards. Documenting NRT and devising action plans for improvement are discussed, and suggestions for remediation in a diverse manner are offered.

Annual Subscription

$119 non-member
$109 APCO member
$99 per person (group of 26-50 registrants)
$89 per person (group of 51+ registrants)

Purchase Illuminations

  • Go to the CTO Illuminations registration page, where you will see a list of courses by date.
  • Select the date of the CTO Illuminations you want to take.
  • Click Register next to that topic and month.
  • Follow the instructions to complete registration for the CTO track.

You will be subscribed to CTO Illuminations for 12 months, to include four quarterly online courses, starting with the month and topic you selected.