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Bring APCO training to your agency.

As a public-safety practitioner, you know what training is needed in your area. Serving as a co-host agency (or chapter) enables you to meet local training needs by inviting others from your area to attend a class taught by one of the Institute’s experienced instructors. All APCO courses may be co-hosted.

Contact us if you have questions about co-hosting.

How does our agency host a class?

Hosting an APCO Institute class is easier than you may think. When your agency hosts a class this allows you to bring APCO training to your area on your schedule. You may choose to host any one of our APCO training courses.

What are the requirements for hosting a course?

Because each course has a minimum number of students required, we need at least 3-4 months’ notice to set up the class. This will give us ample time to get the word out on the course in order to garner the needed number of registrations required to confirm the class.

You, as the host agency, will need to provide a training room that will seat 20-30 comfortable and assist our instructor with some audio/ visual aids, etc.

APCO Institute provides the instructor and training materials. You are NOT responsible for any costs incurred by our instructor.

If for any reason, the class does not confirm and must cancel, there is no cost to you.