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Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)

EMD saves time and lives.

Emergency Medical Dispatch is a systematic program of handling medical calls. Trained telecommunicators, using locally approved EMD Guidecards, quickly and properly determine the nature and priority of the call, dispatch the appropriate response, then give the caller instructions to help treat the patient until the responding EMS unit arrives. A comprehensive EMD program can reduce agency liability by providing thorough and consistent dispatch instructions, and can help meet the growing public expectation that when citizens call 911, appropriate medical care will be provided as quickly as possible.

The APCO Institute’s comprehensive Emergency Medical Dispatch Program is based on the NHTSA National Standard Curriculum for EMD, and incorporates all of the current ASTM and NHTSA guidelines. It is a cost effective way for agencies to implement an EMD program and includes customization of EMD Guidecards andlocally controlled training by APCO Institute certified instructors.

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The EMD Program includes:

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