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Comparison of RPL & CPE Programs

RPL or CPE: Which program is right for you?

RPL Program

Overview of  Topics
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills, attitude and mindset
  • Planning and conducting productive performance appraisals
  • Interpersonal negotiations: Breaking down the barriers
  • How to build high-performance teams
  • About APCO - structure, governance, etc.

CPE Program

Overview of Topics

Introduction to Executive Leadership

  • Management vs. leadership
  • Models/theories of leadership
  • Public safety leadership issues
  • Situational leadership: Employee
  • Situational leadership: Leader
  • Adaptive leadership: The self
  • Adaptive leadership: The organization
  • Leadership styles
  • Ethical leadership in the 21st century

Defining Leaders

  • How leaders define themselves
  • Leadership: Relating to others
  • Understanding your organization
  • Providing vision
  • How leaders take responsibility
  • Identifying problems and recognizing opportunities for change
  • Leadership: Formulating courses of action
  • Executing change
  • Managing ongoing change
  • Leaders in action
  • Leadership for the 21st century

Executive Leadership in Action

  • Myers-Briggs type indicator as a leadership tool
  • Case studies in executive leadership
  • Leadership Live: Industry-leading guest speakers